Long-range drone

The drone Eyeplane selected and customized can fly 100km at 50-90 km/h in a 20 km radius scanning large areas in one flight with vertical take-off and landing.


High-resolution digital cameras

The visual and infrared high-resolution cameras produce, relay and store synchronized images to enable detection and recognition by the Eyeplane software.

Proprietary image analytics software

Real-time analysis of every image detects and reports people, cars, fires and animal species with the location to the security staff. For them to check and forward to the nearest staff if action is required. Artificial Intelligence will further improve the accuracy of species recognition over time.​


Customized autopilot​

Automated night and day flights above your land are pre-programmed during implementation for your operator to select and adjust. In order to fly where you want to patrol and gather  information from the images with the Eyeplane detection software.​