Automated Aerial Detection Software

With our Eyeplane AI Software, we help you find from the air what you seek


You fly with manned or unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with high resolution cameras and transmission equipment and want to find objects of interest.

Eyeplane’s software helps you to detect people, vehicles and or animals in your live video stream. In real-time, integrated into your ground control station or on-board the aerial vehicle.

Detection of people

Detect people in your aerial video streams to improve your operations:

  • Criminal trespassers, thieves, poachers of valuable assets:
    • Mining
    • Wildlife
    • Oil fields
    • Ships
  • Search & rescue at coast, sea or land
  • Military intruders and troops

Detection of vehicles

  • Stranded vehicles
  • Criminal shipments and movements
  • Military tanks, trucks, artillery
  • Ships and boats

Detection of animals

  • Wildlife monitoring and protection
  • Livestock search, counts and monitoring