What the Eyeplane system can do for you

Day and night aerial surveillance for pinpointed action


Your security staff can select and set pre-programmed day and night flights to scan risky areas with visual and infrared cameras. These images are continuously analysed by the Eyeplane software installed on a separate computer in your security infrastructure. Only images with suspected objects go to an inbox for your staff to check and act on by sending that image to smartphones of your nearest ground staff.

Eyeplane customers will be equipped with large ‘we see you from the air!’ signs to fix on their outer fences as deterrence. The marketing of Eyeplane will make known where this is the case as further deterrence.

Reporting of animal numbers, location, movement and feed availability


The Eyeplane system will help you find, locate and monitor the animals that tourists come for. You can from time to time perform a complete scan of part or all of your land and livestock to report numbers and locations per species. With more and more images passing through the analytics software, the accuracy of species recognition will improve. Consecutive scans can be compared, the differences identified and the trends reported for livestock and financial management purposes.

Immediate inspection, insight, and action


On short notice, your staff can decide to use the Eyeplane system to check specific spots and situations, if they have reason to. In minutes the Eyeplane drone can fly there directly and see what there is to see: for instance cars, people, fires, gates, fences, water basins or specific animals.